Soundbath & Reiki

What is a Soundbath?
Soundbaths help facilitate deep healing through the physical & energetic bodies. Allow your heart to open & your mind to expand as we immerse in various sounds and frequencies. Leave feeling relaxed & rejuvenated as you carry on with the rest of your day & into the week!
During our Soundbath, Shannon shares her passion with us by playing a variety of instruments including:
~ 432hz Crystal Singing Bowls that are tuned to the main 7 Chakras
~ One Earth Star Bowl & one Soul Star Bowl, connecting us to the heaven & earthly realms
~ Tibetan Bowls
~ Gongs
~ Chimes
What is Reiki? The term 'Reiki' means "spiritually guided life force energy." It is a Japanese technique based on the life force energy that flows within us to promote relaxation, stress reduction & facilitate healing.
Working specifically with the main 7 Chakras, Reiki treats the whole person, including the mind, emotions, body, & Spirit, & works wonderfully as a solo treatment as well as in conjunction with all other medical/therapeutic treatments.
During our Soundbath, Kristen will be facilitating deeper healing as she grounds our energies, helps clear & remove any blockages while leaving us feeling blissful & at peace.